Cedar Mill Mortgage

When you're ready to purchase a home, it makes sense to negotiate from the strongest position possible. In a strong real estate market, sellers can be more selective in the final buyer they choose to negotiate with. If you were the Seller and had multiple offers on your property, all things being equal, would you accept the one with Certificate of Financing Approval or the one that was still Conditional on Financing? 

In addition to that, as a prospective purchaser, it makes all the more sense to start the financing early on so you can get a firm handle on your interest rate and an estimate of points and closing costs. If you do this before finding a home, you are not under any time constraints and are less likely to overpay like a buyer who has found a home and is under strict time constraints.

Pam Deese with Cedar Mill Mortgage, has 20 Years of experience and a passion to help her clients find the right solution when buying their dream home. Pam is the type of Mortgage Professional you’re going to want in your corner when it comes to getting the best mortgage.

Click here now to complete an application or contact Pam directly at (770) 928-8985.  Put yourself at a competitive advantage vs other buyers in today's strong real estate market. Give yourself peace of mind by having a firm handle on your financing options before you start looking for your home.